Thursday, November 11, 2010


Italian artisan cured meats. Salumi, thank you for bringing them to Seattle. I have been waiting to find a good day for a lunch at the tiny Salumi storefront in downtown Seattle for a long time. A year ago, a co-worker shared that this was one of her favorite places to treat herself to. This summer, Anthony Bourdain stated without question that Salumi was the best restaurant in Seattle, that we were lucky to have such a place. Combine the recommendations of these two very trustworthy sources with the fact that Salumi is run by the parents of Food Network celebrity Mario Batali, and I knew I was in for an outstanding lunch. I was not disappointed.
Stepping into Salumi was like coming home to a warm bustling kitchen. I had a hard time selecting my sandwich due to the plethora of options. The lovely ladies behind the counter handed me several salami samples, ranging in spice level and flavored with everything from fennel, to chocolate. I jumped on the Mexican inspired mole salami with fresh mozzarella. I watched as they spread mysterious spreads, (I was so mesmerized I forgot to ask what they were) on either side of my bread and delicately layered on the cheese and salami and topped the whole thing with peppers and onions. I savored this baby. Simple ideas, executed perfectly. Delicious. This is a place to get to early, to avoid the line and to avoid watching the options disappear before your eyes. This is a popular place, people. It is tiny, and only open for lunch Tuesday-Friday, so plan ahead and plan soon.

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Anonymous said...

Nice write-up. I'd like to eat at Salumi one of these days.

IW said...

I meant to go here before I left. Bah. There are enough restaurants in Seattle that I need to go to to merit it's own return trip