Friday, December 24, 2010


There are those restaurants that have been on the list forever. You have heard of them, meant to go, planned on going and still never made it. Last week I made a trip to this one happen. It was my birthday and I was going to go. Accompanied by a few friends we headed over to Paseo to brave the line we knew was waiting for us. Paseo is also one of those places where there is always a line, because it is so good, and because their tiny store front only has three or four tiny tables to sit at. We ended up joining other customers in sitting on the curb across the street and it was worth it. I got the Cuban Roast Plato, the Cuban Roast sandwich was ordered by my friends. The sandwich is the most famous one on the menu, but the plato comes with rice, amazing vegetarian black beans, a bright and fresh salad as well as corn on the cob. I could not finish it all, it made an amazing dinner later in the day. The flavors are fresh and balanced, pickled beets, jalapenos and fresh lettuce lighten up the perfectly cooked, well-seasoned meat. I enjoyed by meal immensely, I cannot wait to go back for some more Cuban roast or maybe I will try the scallops or one of the many vegetarian options that show enormous potential. If you are looking for some great Cuban food, or great food in general, make sure to swing by Paseo and don't let the line scare you away, it moves fast and it is worth the wait.
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