Monday, February 28, 2011

Columbia City Bakery

I often wish that I lived next to, or above, a place as wonderful as the Columbia City Bakery. I would get to eat their phenomenal creations everyday and I would never have a good excuse to miss the special weekend pecan sticky buns because I woke up to late. I could just roll our of bed, wander next door and grab whatever my heart desired. I could enjoy it with a large cup of coffee, near a window, watching the morning develop into a bustling, vibrant day. There are so many beautiful things filling the counters and shelves in the bakery that I could try something new everyday and not be done for weeks.
Sturdy loaves of Ciabatta, Rye and Walnut Ficelle stand next to the tall seeded baguettes. Croissants, scones, muffins, coffee cake, real cakes, cookies, quiches, sandwiches, pretzel and more. The Bostok is a think slice of brioche scented with orange flavor water and topped with sliced almonds. Bearclaws come true to form, the pistachio croissant come twirled up like a snail. The puffy, cheese gougeres can be purchased alone, or as a veggie sandwich filled with salad greens, seasonal vegetables and stone ground mustard. So much to eat, it is a shame there are not more than three meals in a day.
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