Monday, March 14, 2011


Quality people and quality food make Delancey a real Seattle treasure. Delancey is owned and managed by acclaimed food writer Molly Wizenberg and her food loving husband Brandon Pettit. I am not even going to lie, I was drawn to Delancey because of my infatuation with Molly's work. Her writing, her stories and her recipes have been inspiration of mine for over a year. So I might have come because of her but I will come back again, and again, for the food. I love Italian food because it is all about quality, the food is simple and it allows the quality of the ingredients to shine. Delancey really embodies this idea. The quality of the ingredients is phenomenal. Brandon searched the country until he learned how to bake the best thin pizza crust and fires it in a wood burning oven. Molly has been the mastermind behind the salads and uses exceptional ingredients, sometimes using the wood burning oven for her own creations.
We started with a tasty starter of prosciutto and lonza, a dry-cured pork product, drizzled with a great olive oil and paired with some brilliantly green olives. It was delicious and the other starters looked just as great. Our neighboring table ordered a beautiful green salad topped with ribbons from bright carrots, that we couldn't keep our eyes off of. My party tried three fabulous pies. The clam pie was on special and it truly was special. Fresh and hard mozzarella, fresh clams, chili oil and a little bit of Meyer lemon. The bacon and onion pie featured thick cut Zoe bacon. And the Romana, a unique pie with a red sauce, garlic, chili oil, anchovies, kalamata olives and oregano. We thought we ordered to much food, but we swiftly finished it all, enjoying every last bite.
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Anonymous said...

There you are, inside Delancey's. :)

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I'd like to eat here again.