Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Seattle street carts are absolutely elusive in comparison to Portland street carts. However in terms of flavor, creativity and style, Seattle carts can give Portland a run for their money. Especially the dynamite ones like Skillet. Because of Seattle city regulations, Seattle food vendors cannot stay on one location, they are constantly on the move, which makes it rather difficult to visit them. This same effect makes it infinitely more excited to stumble across a cart in an unexpected location. This is how I found my latest meal at Skillet, I was walking home and there in the middle of the UW campus was the iconic airstream trailer serving up some of Seattle's best diner food to a line of excited patrons. I wasn't even hungry but I waited to make my order because I was not about to miss a chance to gorge myself on Skillet creations.
Skillet is the most famous for their superb burger. It is not pictured here, but I have had it before and it is one of the best burgers in the city. It is comprised of a juicy grass-fed patty, arugula, creamy blue cheese and BACON JAM. Yes, Bacon Jam, the best condiment I have ever had. Speaking of this glorious Skillet invention, I wish I had a jar right now, officially added to my gourmet shopping wish list. While is it extremely difficult to pass up any chance to eat this glorious burger, I knew Skillet had more to tantalize my taste buds with. Poutine: A Canadian dish made by covering french fries with gravy and cheese, Skillet uses cheddar cheese and adds a generous sprinkle of fresh herbs that really add bright flavor to this guilty pleasure. Special on the menu right now is a kale caesar salad. Kale is julienned finely so that is retains its hearty flavor but is still light enough for a raw salad. The kale is tossed in a pungent caesar and topped with brioche croutons.

I will continue to chase Skillet around Seattle because I have still not been able to try their, Thai fried rice with lemon grass and pork or the lentil soup with bacon and sage. And I know new seasonal specials will be popping up just like Skillet pops up around Seattle, even if is just there for a limited time, it will be delicious. I for one cannot wait until Skillet opens their full-scale restaurant on Capitol Hill. I will be in there soaking up all of the diner atmosphere I can while I make my way through the entire stationary menu.
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