Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boat Street Cafe

I graduated from the University of Washington last week and I am just now beginning to really process what this accomplishment means to me and in what direction I want to aim my life in now. But in recent reflection, my favorite part of the graduation weekend was celebrating with my family over a great meal. We ducked into the mystical, hidden French oasis that is the Boat Street Cafe for a celebratory dinner and it was the perfect place to enjoy the company of the most supportive people in my life. We ate a fabulous pate, sampled the fromage plate, savored the Boat Street Pickles, slowly sipped our wine, ate prime rib with spring artichokes and olives, halibut with fresh pesto sauce and rounded out the meal with chocolate ice cream and caramel pots de creme. The food was perfect and we continued to reminisce about it even over breakfast the next morning. And as we wrapped up a phenomenal meal, I wrapped up a chapter in my life and began to look forward to new adventures and the fabulous meals that loom on the horizon.
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A lovely and moving post.