Saturday, August 13, 2011

Uneeda Burger

The best part about summer is being able to eat outside. To gather with family and friends in from out of town around a picnic table with tall cold glasses of lemonade and ice tea after a long exploratory stroll around Seattle in the summer sun. Uneeda, provided us with the perfect place to enjoy our time together. Great outdoor patio and amazing burgers that impressed even the most burger-ambivalent of our party.
I have recently decided that caramelized onions are my favorite vegetable with an adjective attached to it. So I was sold on the very first signature burger, caramelized onions, watercress and blue cheese. My dad had the Sonora with roasted chili relish, jack cheese and cilantro. Mom stuck with the classic. Other burgers had additional tantalizing toppings such as black truffle salt, tempura lemons, and dijon-mayo. Cheese vary from gruyere to manchego to jack. These burgers are hefty, 1/3lb plus and made to satisfy. We had a late lunch, I never got hungry for dinner.
I love when a burger joint can do sides well, it is important to have a great little something to go along with a juicy, flavorful, dripping burger. Uneeda's fries are a fat "skinny" cut, generously sprinkles with course salt. The are perfectly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and salty, salty. Their salads are beautiful, the way all vegetables should be presented. Our chop salad was a beautiful array of shaved manchego, fennel, cucumbers, olives and salami. Next time, I will save some room for a frothy milkshake made with my favorite local Snoqualime ice cream.
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Anonymous said...

It also might be mentioned that you can walk up hill from the Fremont Market to Uneeda Burger, about 6 blocks, and enjoy your burger guilt free.

Jopie and Juno said...

looks awesome.. i think i want one of these burgers after one of my longer training runs!! I hope they serve beer. lets catch up soon pagina!

Paige said...

They do have beer! Let's go soon!