Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dot's Delicatessen

Dot's Delicatessen who shares much more information about their menu on their Facebook than their webpage, is absolutely worth perusing. It is the lastest, greatest, tiny restaurant with barely any seating located on the same block as other Seattle hot-spots but it is worth the line, or worth just eating at odd hours in the afternoon to avoid the lunch rush. I felt immediately comfortable in the space, like I was in a warm, family kitchen around the holidays. Maybe it was partly stepping in off the blustery cold street, but it was so welcoming, it smelled amazing, the cases full of fresh sausage and pate were intriguing and even better was watching the other patrons already hovering over their huge, hot sandwiches. The walls are lined with carefully selected, mustards, capers, ciders and beverages in glass bottles. Local beer is on tap, and cans of Rainier provide a lighter option.
Dot's is all about their house made pates, sausages, and locally raised all natural meat. They have a short everyday menu, supplemented with daily specials. You can always get a BLT or one of the best Rubens I have ever had, but depending on the day their might be a knockout porchetta sandwich or a grass-fed steak sandwich. I even hear rumor that chicken pot pies are appearing this week. I didn't expect a mind-blowingly amazing spiced squash soup from such a meat focused joint, but that is what we got. One of the best soups of the season, creamy and flavorful. Fries, salads and seasonal vegetables are also available to compliment the meaty meals. This whole Facebook usage, means that I am updated about the daily specials everyday and that means here I am on my computer with my mouthwatering, deciding if their is enough time to get over there before work. Today, their is not, but hopefully another day soon.
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Jim said...

I was there on the 16th of November and had their pulled pork sandwich; messy but delicious!

Paige said...

Yum! I want one now...