Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vancouver, B.C. Winter Farmers Market

I spent this most beautiful, sunny, warm early spring weekend eating my way through Vancouver B.C. which of course meant perusing the farmers market until my travel compatriots had to pull me away.
Apples were everywhere. Apple juice, apple cider, dried apple slices and of course whole fresh apples were scattered among the market.
The Canadian specialty, maple syrup provided one of the most unique market snacks I have even eaten. Fresh hot maple syrup chilled into a loose lollipop on "snow". I felt like I was Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Baby salad greens, pea starts and stinging nettles were beautiful hints of spring nestled up against the winter farmers market staples; carrots, beets, leeks, onions and parsnips.
The Environmental Youth Alliance was selling saved seeds (awesome!!!) from their Urban Seeds program where they teach youth how to save seeds and to teach and support all of the benefits of saving your own seeds. I wanted to buy them all in support of this amazing organization, but I wasn't sure if it was legal to bring seeds across international borders.
Four vendors were specifically focused on gluten-free baked goods. High Crow had some scrumptious looking cookies, along with baking mixing and bread.


Jopie and Juno said...

Paige, this is a beautiful post! The maple syrup lollipops look divine! Can't wait to explore more with you here in San Francisco :)

Dad said...

Did you bring home sample maple lollipops?

Paige said...

I did not manage to bring any home, these ones were quite drippy. Wish I could have though!