Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Photo Dump

These fuzzy baby chicks are not mine, but I get to watch them grow up! Austin and his brother built their mom an excellent homemade coop for Mother's Day and these little guys will move into it soon. Hopefully we will see eggs towards the end of the summer. 
Stone fruit is one of my favorite things to grill. People always give me sideways looks but it is Delicious. I sprinkled brown sugar over these apricots and roasted them up over hot coals. They pick up a faint smokiness while the sugar caramelize and the fruit softens. 
Summer is the season for picnics! The Other Coast Cafe sandwiches delicious and huge (I might have had my second half for dinner). Giant pickles are already quartered for sharing and there are catchy names. The Hammer, featured here has applewood smoked ham, cucumber and a spicy jalapeno and carrot giardiniera.
The cupboards in my house are full of surprises. While these twenty vanilla beans might have expired a few years ago, they are still twenty vanilla beans. I have them soaking in vodka and in two mere months there should be a quart of vanilla extract hidden in the back of another cupboard. 

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Anonymous said...

Next you can make Kailua. Sounds like a good Xmas gift idea to me.